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Carrie Fisher Sent A Cow Tongue To Producer Who Sexually Assaulted A Friend

Just another reminder that the world did not deserve Carrie Fisher.

Patton Oswalt Felt Dead Until Trump Made Him Feel Too Alive

“Sometimes I’m worried I am like a water glass that’s been sitting in a freezer and now you’re taking it out and you’re pouring hot water into it,” Oswalt told HuffPost.

Roy Dotrice, ‘Game Of Thrones’ And ‘Amadeus’ Actor, Dead At 94

His watch has ended, but his memory lives on.

So Michael Fassbender And Alicia Vikander Got Secret-Married

The famously private couple tied the knot in a destination wedding.

Blake Lively Says ‘Standing In Solidarity’ With Sexual Harassment Victims Isn’t Enough

The actress was asked about the Harvey Weinstein allegations on “GMA.”

The One Question You Don’t Want To Ask Daniel Radcliffe

And it has nothing to do with “Harry Potter.”

Like You, This Giant Clock Is Counting Down The Remaining Hours Of Trump’s Term

The mysterious artwork was installed in Queens by a group of anonymous artists this summer.

Cheers! Taylor Swift Is Going Full Brit In Her New Music Video

Hmm, who does she know living in London?

Kate Winslet Refused To Thank ‘Nasty’ Harvey Weinstein In 2009 Oscar Speech

The actress explained why she took a stand against Weinstein years ago while promoting her new Woody Allen movie.

Kevin James Explains Why ‘Kevin Can Wait’ Killed Off His Wife

“We were literally just running out of ideas.”