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Doug Jones Won Because Donald Trump Can’t Control Trumpism Anymore

Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate runoff on Tuesday, and improbably victory made possible by a Republican Party coming to grips with Trumpism.

Roy Moore Spokesman Briefly Dies on Live TV After Learning Politicians Don’t Have to Take the Oath on a Bible

Roy Moore spokesman Ted Crockett apparently didn’t know that politicians don’t have to swear their oaths of office on a Bible.

Instagram Is Messing With Your Feed Again (Maybe)

Everybody’s favorite photo-sharing app is going through some changes.

LeBron James’ New Favorite Outfit Might Just Be His Secret Sauce

LeBron James has worn one outfit to at least seven of his recent games. Is it helping him having one of his best-ever seasons? Actually, possibly, yes.

The Nike Kyrie 4 Is as Cool as His Crossover

The Nike Kyrie 4 is, as its name implies, the 4th installment of Kyrie Irving’s signature sneaker series.

A Velvet Jacket Is the Easiest Holiday Party Hack Around

A velvet tuxedo jacket is the hero piece in your holiday-season wardrobe. Wear dressed up like James Bond or with skinny black jeans like Mark Ronson.

Twin Peaks Star Kyle MacLachlan Is Magical to Watch

GQ puts the ageless star in an equally ageless suit.

Here’s Exactly How Bad Drinking Alcohol Is for Your Skin

We asked a dermatologist and the answer is not good. But there is a way to catch a buzz without ruining your face.

How Much Should You Tip a Bartender?

A buck a drink doesn’t cut it—unless it’s a three-dollar Bud Light at your college bar. We asked some bartenders to set the record straight.

Jonah Hill Has the Cure to Holiday Outfit Blues

Jonah Hill was spotted out with his sister Beanie doing some shopping. This is how to look your best when you’re at your most giving.